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In a nutshell, South African Portrait Society was created with the main purpose to enhance Fine Art Portraiture in South Africa.  We have a strong focus on “Contemporary Realism” and we are one of the first art societies in South Africa to be affiliated with Art Renewal Centre.

How do we want to enhance Fine Art Portraiture?
  • Create a National Platform where South African Artist can compete, learn and get inspired
  • Nurture our Talented Youth by providing not only opportunities to learn but also to get exposed to good portrait art, professional artists and other opportunities
  • Educate our Public, as well as creating more appreciation of why fine art portraiture is still relevant today, despite the development of modern technology like photography and other digital imagery
  • Providing exposure for our talented members by networking with local and international galleries, fine art schools, collectors and media groups

South African Portrait Society Future Projects

2 Day Conference with main focus on Fine Art Portraiture

Will include the following type of events:

  • Workshops
  • Live Demonstration by Artists that work with different mediums, techniques etc
  • Members-Only Exhibition
  • Fun Social Networking Event
  • Artist Material Expo

The Portrait Conference will be open to members of the public.  Artist will be able to choose between individual workshops or a combination of a few

Annual Online Portrait Competition, where winners stand a chance to feature in our Living Portrait Master Collection for a whole year.
It will be open to mediums like sculpture, printmaking, painting and drawing with the hope to expand over time to include new media as well.

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As, one of our goals is to promote excellence in portraiture and we believe it is important to cultivate this from a young age.
One of our projects is to host an Annual SA Youth Portrait Competition, which will be an open opportunity for High School Kids and Varsity/College Students.

Amazing Prices, such as:
•  Workshops by Professional Artists to Winning Schools/Varsities
•  Art Material Vouchers
•  Cash Prizes and more..

Key Members will help to launch provincial art events, such as:

  • Group Crit Sessions
  • Group Live Portrait or Figure Drawing/Painting Workshops
  • General Portrait Workshop or Live Demonstrations
  • Fun Social Events
  • More…

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We hope to promote excellence in South Africa Portrait Art by providing a platform where artists can compete in competitions and theme-related challenges on a regular basis.  We also encourage our members to participate in other National and International Portrait Competitions, such as the ARC Salon, and BP Portrait Award.

learn portraiture - South African Portrait Society


Our goal is to educate our members and public about the fascinating topic of portraiture.  As well as provide our members all the necessary information on how to improve their work.  Whether it is links to great video tutorials or providing information about local and international workshops, events and more.

inspiration - South African Portrait Society


We believe it is important to always keep yourself motivated and push past “imaginary” boundaries.  Therefore, we endeavor to share and create amazing videos, artworks and articles of a wide kaleidoscope of portrait topics from art history, sculpture to even non-traditional art mediums.

Quick About Founding Member – Liesel Wessels

Liesel is a Fine Artist and Designer. She studied B.A Fine Arts at the University of Free State.  She specializes in portraiture and figure studies in paint and drawing mediums.

She is the founding member of Free State Arts Gallery, which is an online art gallery for local artists residing in Free State, South Africa
Her passion is art history and learning more about contemporary & classical portrait realism.